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now guys since I messed up with my customize option (I cant literally change anything now) and tumblr itself told me that they could do nothing I will be deactivating this crap fuck yeah.

But I will miss the stuff I posted here


I think I have got the answer

I will tell you about it later

How to see your tumblr crushes.


As we all know, our dashboard has now a new look and I see different posts on tumblr where people keep asking how to see your tumblr crushes. You really don’t need to type a url just to see it. It’s just simple. Two clicks will do. :)

1. Click the Add and remove under the Following # people on your sidebar.

2. This window will show then click the Following # people tab.

Voila! You will then see your tumblr crushes. :)

Earth’s Mightiest Pick-Up Lines: How to flirt with an Avenger - An educational book by K


Feeling too shy to approach your favorite Avenger? Well, with the new Earth’s Mightiest Pick-Up Lines: How to flirt with an Avenger book, you’ll get a lot of suggestions on how to start a conversation with the super-hero of your heart.

  • Captain America → When I first caught sight of you, I knew that God had truly blessed America.
  • Iron Man → Oh, Mr. Stark. It’s a pleasure to finally meet Earth’s greatest love machine
  • Thor → So, I’ve heard you are the God of Thunder? Well, just so you know, I wouldn’t mind to be… thunderstruck.
  • Hawkeye → Sir, you can put that bow down, I’ve already been shot through the heart… And you’re to blame.
  • The Hulk → I don’t think I like your girlfriend, Dr. Banner. She makes me… green with jealousy.
  • Black Widow → Saw you from the other side of the room and was already caught in your deadly web, babe.


  • Loki → Here, take my phone number. You can call me when you’re… feeling blue.

Coming Soon to a bookstore near you. Or not.

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